May 27, 2021 The Alpha Dawg

What Is … Is

The Dramatic Changes to Make Right Now

The time for dramatic changes is now. You have no choice if you intend to stay in business. Resisting the inevitable is stupid. The winners will not just be the ones who go with it, but the ones that embrace it and get ahead of it.

There was a time way back in the ’70s when a much younger Jim Ziegler was searching for truth and enlightenment. I’m referring back to my renaissance – what I jokingly call my Hippie Days. Long hair and a generous beard; following my divorce, I rode a motorcycle across the country from Florida to California.

Former deejay, bar fighter, and street racer; now here I was sitting cross-legged in a cabin on the Big Sur coastline in the California mountains chanting my Indian Mantra. I was hanging out with the emerging pop psychology gurus and the human potential movement, swamis, and existentialists. It was an exciting time of self-discovery as I went through what we called ‘Awareness Training.’

One of the foundational philosophies I learned centered around what we called the Theory of Reality.

It went like this: “What is, is … and what ain’t, ain’t … and so what?” Repeat that right now several times and memorize it.

If that sounds ridiculous, or if it makes no sense to you, you are exactly where I was the first time I heard it. It took a lot of contemplation and thought before I could realize the deeper meaning. But after, it became a lifelong philosophy for me.

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