Why I’m Getting F&I-Certified

December 23, 2015 The Alpha Dawg

Why I’m Getting F&I-Certified

Just a guess, but my observations tell me as many as half of the F&I managers working in dealerships have never attended F&I training classes.

I would go so far as to say upwards of 90% of sales managers haven’t a clue as to how to properly disclose a contract or perform the detailed work of the F&I position.

Some dealership sales managers think Gramm-Leach-Bliley was a 1960s rock group. (It is a 1999 act regulating financial information-sharing practices and data safeguarding.)

I was an F&I manager and an F&I director for several stores. During that time, I attended three major F&I Schools, including the famous Pat Ryan School on Wacker Drive in Chicago. That was intensive. We were in classes up to 10 hours a day for two straight weeks.

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