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Transformation of Your Dealership – Shifting Paradigms

Ziegler cites his ability to change and evolve as the catalyst for who he is today. That is also your ability – to change direction, adapt, and create a new dealership model.

Those of you that have known me through the years, know many of the processes and techniques the entire retail car business uses daily were originally invented and implemented by me. In other words, the stuff we do every day in every dealership, much of it I created. “Old school, I Invented old school…” that’s a fact that can be proven. So, let’s move on to the important stuff.

Over the last 43 years in the car business, I have had to throw on the brakes, stop, reverse, and go in a completely new direction. So, I advanced from “old school” to “newer school,” to the “latest school.” Survival and prosperity in our business has always been the dealers’ ability to evolve and change mindset. What I was teaching and creating, even 10 years ago, is no longer valid nor appropriate.

I’m saying that my ability to change and evolve has made me who I am today and kept me relevant. That is also your ability – to change direction, adapt, and create a new dealership model.

We cannot trust the manufacturers, and we certainly can’t trust most of our vendors to lead the way to change because they all have hidden motives that are not necessarily in the dealers’ best interests.

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