July 20, 2013 The Alpha Dawg

Data Wars

L-TESLARecent events are giving me flashbacks to Jim Ziegler, the hippie, circa 1973. Yeah, I’m talking about the long-haired, bearded, rock ‘n roll deejay.

The Vietnam War was winding down and the country was polarized politically, culturally and philosophically. There was a popular bumper sticker that read: “Love Your Country, Fear Your Government.”

As the country becomes painfully aware of the consequences of the abuse of “Big Data” by formerly trusted politicians, I believe we’ll see the data aggregators regulated and reeled in.

Politicians are targeting citizens with in-depth surveillance. They’re using the IRS and the Department of Justice to punish and retaliate against people with differing political views. The amount of data on private citizens amassed and processed by our government for political purposes is a growing scandal that will not go away.

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