Dealers Object to Sales Leads Routed to Competitors

June 7, 2013 The Alpha Dawg

Dealers Object to Sales Leads Routed to Competitors

Some dealers think they are paying for exclusive leads when, in fact, they are getting ones that are passed around and re-sold.

A while back, I heard from a dealer complaining about’s relationship with a company called RoadLoans. It since has become quite a stir. A lot of dealers have weighed in.

Here’s their beef:

A consumer searching clicks a particular dealer’s paid-for used-car listing. A lead is submitted to that dealer. Meanwhile, the consumer is asked if he or she might be interested in RoadLoans financing. If so, click here. But if the inventory-listing dealer is not a RoadLoans client, the lead submitter receives digital marketing about buying vehicles from other dealers who are.

I met with CEO Mitch Golub and Vice President Alex Vetter in February, and was assured the situation would be fixed. But it hasn’t been, in my opinion.

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