October 30, 2015 The Alpha Dawg

Texting Blab

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Jim Ziegler, Mat Koenig | KonigCo, Scott Pechstein, Bobbie Herron, Christopher Speer, Mike Davenport, and STEVE SIPES

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  1. There is a reason why it is not popular. Most folks don’t want their cell number to get into some database and therefore these folks are resistance to reply to a shortcode.

  2. Actually the text in for a discount is very popular, the actual phone apps just arent popular yet. When texting in for a coupon they cannot send you more texts than you want and you can unsubscribe anytime

  3. do you want to know the solution? don’t SPAM people with text. if we respect the technology we won’t have more red tape to go thru.

  4. I think the text makes it greatly personal for the customer, and my customers seem to appreciate being able to get in touch with me pretty much anytime after the sale

  5. What about a having “text best price to 813 526 2861” on your site and customer initiates text to live cell phones ?

  6. @TheFrankJLopes Yes, Car code SMS but it was bought out by Edmunds. Provides a link in the lead. Does nto alert to you when it updates but keeps the history

  7. @bonnett_michael You’re catching the tail end brother but I’d recommend you go back and watch it from the beginning, great compliance info and ideas bro

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